Message from Makoto Shichida

The Era of Mind Has Started

The 20th century is an era of materialism. It is said that the 21st century will be an era of mind. Now we are in a turning point. People’s previous sense of value is breaking down and they started having a new point of view (new paradigm).

What is important now is how adequately we predict the future. To do so, common sense in the past is useless. We should not consider the future as an extension of the past. Scientific and rational computers cannot predict the future accurately. Scientific things will be ill-adapted to the new era. There are some limitations to scientific judgment. It is important to beyond the limitations.

An era of rationalism has been done and an era of mind has already started. Left brain period focusing on logic and science has turned to right brain period where people respect mind and sensibility.

Mind Comes Down to Love

There are four themes of the era of mind: Importance of life, sympathy for the universe, love for the earth and harmony with the universe.

In a word, harmony with the universe can be achieved by our love. Everything including our mind, consciousness and spirit is related to love.

Unfortunately, not everyone can change their attitude to respond to the changing times. There are some people who miss the wave, remain committed to their outdated sense of value or cannot read the flow of the new era.
Because of this, people will have conflicts and confusion for quite a while, which is inevitable in transition.
We need to change our attitude for the new era.

Principle of Integrative Reconciliation

In the universe, principle of integrative reconciliation is working. This is known as holonic order.
In the era of mind and cosmic concordance, everything including individuals comes together to make up the whole.

Shichida Method is a Whole Personality Education

The Shichida Method is a soul education to develop children’s heart, sympathy for others, dream and determination. It has five pillars that are intellectual education, moral education, physical education, dietary education and right brain education which is very unique, and it values the balance between the right and left brain.

Right brain is closely related to love and harmony and has limitless capabilities. By activating the right brain from early childhood based on developmental theory of the brain, we can draw out their innate abilities to the fullest and they will be qualified adults.
The 21st century is…
Era of personality
Era of sensibility
Era of creativeness
Era of mind
Era of humanity
Era of Soul Education

Profile of Dr. Makoto Shichida

Professor Makoto Shichida was leading a worldwide revolution in education which is changing the way we understand children, their brain capabilities and their learning styles. He was a well-known figure in Japan, having committed the last 45 years to developing techniques to stimulate the early development of the brain.

Professor Shichida was born in 1929 in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. He was an Adviser to the Japan Psychic Science Society Honorary, Adviser to Japan Aviation High School, former CEO of the Shichida Educational Institute, Ltd. Headmaster of the Shichida Child Academy, more than 450 schools in Japan practice Shichida Method education, and more than 100,000 children have practiced the method.

In Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, U.S.A., Canada, Thailand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos. the theory of Shichida Method has been gaining popularity.
He holds a Doctorate in Education. He has also written more than a 160 books (in Japanese), some of which remains on the bestsellers list in Japan.

Be called to his rest in April 2009 and closed his life of 79 years devoted to the education.