What is Shichida Method?

Shichida Method is the Education to Develop Future Leaders for the 21st Century

Characteristics of the Shichida Method

Shichida Method values children’s heart more than anything. Without placing disproportionate emphasis on the right brain or inputting knowledge, we aim for well-balanced education that activates both the right and left brain to draw out outstanding right brain’s innate abilities and link them to left brain’s good expressive power. While left brain education focuses on inputting knowledge to children and creates competition and conflicts, right brain education is a whole personality education that develops children’s kind heart and oneness with others, nature and the universe. Children who receive right brain education can study with a big dream, determination and a spirit of service and will possess the qualities of a leader.

Two Main Theories of the Shichida Method

-Law of diminishing ability

A fetus grows in the womb until he/she is born in the process of growing. The process of a fetus’s growth is like a reproduction of the history of human’s life. We can develop children’s ability most effectively by starting stimulating them from fetal period or early childhood using appropriate training method.

-Right brain theory

People usually only use the left brain which is known as language brain and rarely use the right brain which is known as image brain. However, geniuses use both the right and left brain in a balanced manner.

Right brain is linked to cosmic consciousness and has limitless capabilities. By stimulating children’s innate abilities from fetal period or early childhood when their right brain works actively, they will be able to use the right brain as they like and exercise great abilities.

Future Children and Education

The earth works with a period 26,000 years. It has gone through a period of Pisces and a period of Aquarius has started in 1999. Because of this, phenomena of evolution are seen in coming babies. Babies who are born today have higher waves. We do not need to understand what waves are for left brain education, but it is essential to learn about waves for right brain education. We are in the process of changing dramatically in consequence of waves from the universe and education should change, too. So, it is very natural that education will shift from left brain education to right brain education.

Why Shichida Method?

“Raising children with kind hearts, big dreams, and full of talents” is the philosophy and ultimate goal of Shichida Method

The Main Objectives of the Shichida Method as Following:

  • To deepen your child’s love of learning;
  • To equip your child with life skills to learn and process information;
  • To stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination;
  • To enhance your child’s photographic memory skills and critical thinking ability;
  • To lay a strong foundation for numeracy and literacy skills;
  • To increase learning absorption and boost your child’s concentration;
  • To promote social interaction and personality development;
  • To heighten the senses of your child: intuitive, observant and sensitive;
  • To develop both EQ and IQ; and
  • To enhance the bond between you and your child.

Maximization of the Potential of Your Child – The Shichida Method’s Philosophy and The Role of Parents

The Shichida Method employs early learning programs which are age-specific whole brain training aimed to maximise every child’s individual potential (cognitively, physically and socially).  The whole brain training program helps bring out the best in children by letting them take part in early learning activities that are fun and enjoyable.

Our vision sums it up: “Raising children with kind hearts, big dreams and full of talents.” And it’s a vision that can only be achieved with the help of dedicated parents, whose bond with their children will be strengthened during our early learning program.

At Shichida, we encourage parental involvement in the cognitive development of their child, and provide invaluable parenting tips to fuel early learning activities at home.  As the Shichida philosophy says, “when you can engage the hearts of the children, you can engage their minds”.  Hence, the bond between parent and child is foundational and underpins the Shichida Method of Education.