0 – 1 Year Old

At this age, children posses large amounts of budding potential. Activate children’s unlimited capabilities through loving lessons.

Children at this age have unlimited potential and excellent absorptive ability. During lessons, we use numerous fun materials and songs to draw out children’s genius abilities through enjoyable activities.

When your child is zero or one year old, it is important to always give him/her tight hugs and help him/her feel your love. When your child is filled with your love, there will be a strong bond between you and he/she will grow well.

Some class-room activities include:


The skin is known as the place of heart and affection so we recommend that you convey your love through cutaneous stimulation such as physical contact and hugs. Shichida instructors give smiles and hugs to children and praise them for what they did well during lessons. This helps children feel accepted by their instructors and encourages them to enjoy their instructors and lessons.


The foundation of a child’s mental development is formed through language. The larger vocabulary a child has, the more intelligent he/she will become. Just as a sponge soaks up water, children at this age are rapidly absorbing language.

During lessons, we activate children’s brains and their ability to understand language by showing a massive amount of picture cards at high speed.

Fingertip Training:

We encourage intellectual and linguistic development by stimulating children’s brains and developing their dexterity. During basic concept activities (colors, shapes, etc.), we encourage children to exercise their fingertips.