2 – 3 Years Old

At this age, children are full of motivation. Instructors improve children’s motivation by accepting and praising during the lessons.

When your child is two to three years old, he/she is forming the basis of his/her abilities. His/her innate abilities are growing rapidly. During this period, children like to do everything for themselves so we can develop their budding independence by encouraging them to complete various tasks.

When your child completes a task, you should praise him/her and recognize his/her effort. This will motivate him/her and develop his/her confidence. Also, at this age, children’s speech develops at an explosive rate. Therefore, we encourage children to express what they imagine or feel through speech and writing.

Some class-room activities include:

Image Training:

The right brain has an ability to see clear images as if they were a movie. We can draw out children’s memory, creativity and concentration by developing their imagination.

During lessons, children develop their imagination by pretending to be animals or by practicing afterimage training using an orange card.

Link Memory:

If children do memorization training when they are two to three years old, they will have an amazing memory.

Link Memory is a type of training that helps children learn to link two or more items by creating a story and memorizing it.  This training will develop children’s imagination, memory and intuition.


Worksheets help children reinforce input information as knowledge in their right brains. Worksheets also improve comprehension.  After having children imagine a problem and solve it using real objects, we have children complete a worksheet. This helps children output and solidify the knowledge they learned.