6 Years Old

At 6 years old, children’s thinking ability is growing rapidly. At this age, children’s intellectual curiosity is expanding. Develop children’s intelligence and improve their basic academic skills including language and math.

Thinking ability expands dramatically at age six. In lessons, we listen to children’s ideas and show empathy as we encourage them to express themselves. This will encourage children to naturally improve their presentation skills. They will enjoy expressing themselves.

Also, we develop children’s writing skills and expressive ability by having them verbalize and write down their thoughts.

In addition, six-year-old children continue to improve their memories. Therefore, we focus on developing an excellent memory through memory  and recitation training activities in which children use images to memorize large amounts of information.

Some class-room activities include:

1,000 Picture Memory:

Children memorize twenty sets of fifty words (1,000 words in total) and recite the words quickly by heart. This activity allows children to develop the ability to use images to memorize large amounts of information. Also, children can form perfect memory circuits by quickly reciting the words they have memorized. 


Children develop their memory by reciting poems and literary masterpieces. They can also improve their creativity by memorizing beautiful sentences and expressions. Through repeated recitation, children can easily memorize passages that contain difficult words.